4 The function of the cell phone case

4 The function of the cell phone case that must be known by all Android and Iphone users will be Indocase’s share as an additional information to you all.

Casing is now a must-have item for Android and iPhone users, if the cell phone is durable, long-lasting and trendy when using it.

The casing of the cellphone based on the manufacturing material is divided into two namely softcase and hardcase. Softcase is made with a plastic base, the texture is supple, elastic, the excess softcase if dropped can not be broken or dented.

While the hardcase of the basic materials can be plastic, aluminum, rubber, etc. The advantage of the hardcase is that the texture is denser and denser when installed on a cellphone.

But the hardcase has a disadvantage that is when it accidentally falls, the hardcase will break for the basic plastic material and a dent for the hardcase which is essentially aluminum. friends can read tips on choosing a cell phone case here.

Based on the purpose of purchasing a cell phone case, it can also be divided into two categories, namely purchases that aim to protect the cellphone and other purchases such as gifts, gifts, as collections, etc.
4 Cell phone case functions that must be known

For casings where the purpose of purchasing as a gift, gift, or only limited to buying for a particular purpose usually uses a technology called a custom case. Custom case is a handphone casing that can be ordered with your own drawings, your own design and can be ordered even if only one pcs.

The use of Android and iPhone is increasingly increasing, followed by the use of casing which has also increased. Casing has become a staple that is purchased along with the purchase of Android and Iphone .

The use of so many casings is not accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the important functions of the casing on mobile phones. Along with this article, Indocase will review 4 functions of cell phone cases that must be known.

    Protects cellphones from impact and friction

The first function of the casing is to protect the cellphone from collisions and friction of objects that are harmful to mobile phones. Casing is made with materials such as plastic, rubber, aluminum in order to protect mobile phones from friction and impact.

    Keep the look or color of a mobile phone still sleek.

Casing in addition to functioning to protect mobile phones from scratches also maintain the color and appearance of the cellphone remains smooth and sleek when removed the casing. Usually the smoothness of a cellphone will be a plus when you want to sell your cellphone again.

    Keeping a cellphone is not easy to get dirty

The third function of the casing is to keep the cellphone from getting dirty easily and protect the back of the cellphone from dust. Especially the hardcase that fully covers the body of the cellphone also functions as a protector from water. The water here is not a puddle of water or a pool, but water droplets on tables or in places that are often used to store mobile phones.

    Add the impression of a cellphone to be more trendy

The fourth function is what is often used as a reason custom cases are in great demand by Android and Iphone users. Because the custom case itself offers designs that suit the tastes of the cellphone owner.

Thus 4 cell phone case functions that must be known by all friends of Android and Iphone users. All of the four functions above are all aimed at making your cellphone more durable and comfortable when used.

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