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Going Green

Going Green

It has taken a little while for full implementation, but has taken their facilities into the Green.

In an attempt to help with the evident issues with over use of wasteful resources, has take some steps in implementing resource that are evident in saving our beautiful Earth.

When looking at our staff we noticed that most all employees drive, 6 of them from the same part of town. A simple “car pool” program has been established with the workers from that area to do our part to reduce emissions in the already thick LA atmosphere.

When walking through our warehouse it was evident to us when looking toward the ceiling that even our light bulbs could use an update, so all of the light bulbs in’s warehouse are now Energy Star rated and fixtures holding the bulbs have been updated to pull less power.

Computers in the business world can account for almost 1 billion dollars worth of electricity a year, All computers and power strips are now required to be turned off at the end of the work day, as well has put to sleep when on breaks. is also slowly implementing and installing energy saving computers, monitors as well as printers. since day one has prided itself on being paperless, being a web based business we have always felt since day one that the only thing that should be printed will be our invoices. We are currently working on an update to our ordering process giving like minded customers the option to deny paper invoices with their shipments.

As a leader in the wireless industry we here at have been recycling, returned or used batteries and electronic equipment. However we have recently implemented an internal recycling policy where employee’s recyclables from lunch etc will be recycled appropriately.

As a part of our green initiative has also issued all green and non toxic cleaning solutions to its cleaning staff. Other simple but effective green friendly things that has implemented within company policy are our re-usable drinking cups, where every employee has their own drinking cup whether it be for their coffee, tea or water. deals in thousands upon thousands of cell phone accessories and these shipments usually come with massive amounts of packaging material. has been dedicated to firstly reusing this material and spending much time on properly recycling the material that is not reusable. Separating this material and getting it to trusted recycling sources is still a part of’s day to day operation.

We here at have implemeted these changes and or updats to our day to day operations, so you me and the rest of the world can breath better and feel better about the planet we call home. If you would like to make suggestions to our going green campaign feel free to contact us.

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