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Micro USB 9 FT Long Charge and Data Sync Cable - Pink

Micro USB 9 FT Long Charge and Data Sync Cable - Pink

Connect your Micro USB phone or device to a computer to sync or to charger adapter for fast charging with the Micro USB 9 FT Charge and Data Sync Cable. This cable gives you the extra length so you can sync and charge your phone or device comfortably. This extra long pink Micro USB data cable comes in handy at home or office.

The Micro USB Charge and Data Sync Cable is 9 feet 10 inches long.

Micro USB 9 FT Long Charge and Data Sync Cable - Pink
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Connect your Micro USB phone or device to a computer to sync or to charger adapter for fast charging with the Micro USB 9 FT Charge and Data Sync Cable. This cable gives you the extra length so you can sync and charge your phone or device comfortably. This extra long pink Micro USB data cable comes in handy at home or office.

The Micro USB Charge and Data Sync Cable is 9 feet 10 inches long.

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Micro USB 9 FT Long Charge and Data Sync Cable - Pink
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