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Sidekick 3 Aluminum Case Reviews

Monaco Sidekick 3 Aluminum Cases, get reviewed by Sidekick users!

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"After being frustrated taking out my sidekick from case to check whether I have msgs (i usually check trackball's blinking color (blue for new msgs and emails) I decided to buy an aluminum case so I can check my msgs easily. also, I want a case that looks sleek and neat to put in my purse. I liked the idea of Monaco Aluminum Case because it has maximum protection of sidekick and the clip is optional. I myself hate to see any scratches even though its a tiny scratch. I recieved a black case today and I love it!" - Review
"All in all we give this case two big thumbs up. If youíre looking for a stylish case that will protect your device better than anything else out there, you canít beat this one...This thing was well designed and feels like it would protect your Sidekick 3 incredibly well. The outside of the case is obviously aluminum but inside there is a nice layer of neoprene that keeps your Sidekick snug and cushions it from any unexpected blows."

Hiptop Forum Members
I got the Monaco aluminum case today, and I just love it! I think it will protect my Sidekick 3 completely, that it's convenient to open and shut and it doesn't seem to be interfering with the signal-- I'm one happy camper!"

"I also ordered the aluminum case. I got the purple one. I think this is the best case I ever bought. Been waiting for a tuff case that I don't have to take the sk3 out and worry about dropping it. I would have never known about this case if there wasn't hiptop. I'm here every day always checking things a few times a day." Review
The Monaco Sidekick 3 Aluminum Metal Hard Case is a beautiful yet sensible cover for a desirable product. The metal case provides complete coverage for your sidekick, allowing it to get bumped around in your bag or purse without getting damaged. Meant for heavy usage, the Monaco Sidekick 3 Aluminum Metal Hard Case is small in size and lightweight, making it easy to take with you everywhere. As an added bonus, it is available in a pink, purple, silver, and black, and is currently available for only $29.95 throughout the month of September, so this is a perfect time to pick one up for either you or a friend. - Serene Williams

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