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Sonim XP3400 ARMOR

Sonim XP3400 ARMOR Accessories

If you need the very best in high quality Sonim XP3400 ARMOR accessories you’re in the right place. We carry a wide array of all the best accessories you’ll need to stay connected day in and day out. With our many different options you can easily find all your case and cover options to ensure a bit more protection. We also carry a wide array of the very best OEM replacement batteries and even chargers. When you need the very best Sonim XP3400 ARMOR accessories we have you covered. Find all you need and never worry about your phone again.

The Sonim XP3400 ARMOR is a high end CDMA based bar styled phone with the very best in an ultra rugged build. This amazing new phone uses 3G connectivity for data and uses BREW software to make its user interface easy to use. It uses a 2 inch high res screen that is made of Corning’s Gorilla Glass and is practically indestructible. This phone is submergible in water up to 3.5 feet of water. It is also compatible in -5 degree temperature up to 130 degrees. With this new device you’ll get the most functional and durable device ever.

Smartphone HoldersUntitled
Sonim Travel Charger - Original OEM WLCHR1003-USUntitled
4.2A Dual USB Universal Wall Charger - OriginalUntitled
4 Port 2.1 Amp USB Wall ChargerUntitled
regular $34.95
sale price: $24.95
(You Save: 29%)
regular $29.95
sale price: $12.95
(You Save: 57%)
regular $29.95
sale price: $11.95
(You Save: 60%)
Belkin MIXIT Up 2.1 AMP Travel Charger - Black Original F8J052ttBLKUntitled
PureGear 12W Dual USB Wall Charger - Black Original 60117PGUntitled
PureGear 12W Dual USB Wall Charger - White Original 60515PGUntitled
Sonim USB Vehicle Power Adapter - Original OEM CRCHR-1002-UUntitled
regular $29.95
sale price: $17.95
(You Save: 40%)
regular $24.99
sale price: $22.49
(You Save: 10%)
regular $24.99
sale price: $22.49
(You Save: 10%)
regular $39.95
sale price: $34.95
(You Save: 13%)
PureGear 12W Dual USB Car Charger - Black Original 60120PGUntitled
Scosche Revolt 2.4 AMP Dual USB Car Charger - Original USBC242MUntitled
Dual USB Car Charger Adapter 2.1 AMP - WhiteUntitled
Incipio OffGrid Portable Backup Battery 4000mAh - Original IP-679Untitled
regular $24.99
sale price: $22.49
(You Save: 10%)
regular $29.95
sale price: $19.95
(You Save: 33%)
regular $17.95
sale price: $6.95
(You Save: 61%)
regular $59.95
sale price: $39.95
(You Save: 33%)
Incipio OffGrid Dual Port Portable Backup Battery 6000mAh - Original IP-681Untitled
Incipio OffGrid Dual Port Portable Backup Battery 8000mAh - Original IP-682Untitled
MI Portable Power Bank 10400mAh available in multiple colorsUntitled
Sonim 3.5mm to USB Adapter - Original OEM 0094922172808Untitled
regular $79.95
sale price: $59.95
(You Save: 25%)
regular $99.95
sale price: $79.95
(You Save: 20%)
regular $24.95
sale price: $16.95
(You Save: 32%)
Sonim XP3400 Armor Belt Clip - Original OEM 0013964273755Untitled
Sonim XP3300 XP3400 Armor Force Replacement BatteryUntitled
Durable Rugged Case for Sonim PhonesUntitled
Sonim Rugged Pouch - Black Original OEM 0094922313942Untitled
regular $29.95
sale price: $24.95
(You Save: 17%)
regular $29.95
sale price: $14.95
(You Save: 50%)
regular $34.95
sale price: $29.95
(You Save: 14%)
regular $59.95
sale price: $49.95
(You Save: 17%)
Universal 1000mAh Power ConverterUntitled
Dual Cigarette Lighter Socket Power AdapterUntitled
iFoam Foaming Screen CleanerUntitled
regular $19.99
sale price: $8.89
(You Save: 56%)
regular $24.95
sale price: $6.29
(You Save: 75%)
regular $14.95
sale price: $7.95
(You Save: 47%)

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